Letter to a Prospective Parent


That you are looking for an exemplary education for your child testifies to the kind of loving, thoughtful, and engaged parent you are.  Your child is fortunate to have you!  The education we have to offer your child is the kind of education every child should have.  Let me tell you why.

We are a private school serving students in grades 5 – 8.  New students are welcome to apply to the 5th or 6th grade.  An Academy Prep student’s $20,000 a year education is fully funded through private donations and the Step Up For Students (SUFS) income-based scholarship (www.stepupforstudents.org).  Our students pay no tuition. Households with qualifying incomes include food stamp recipients and students who participate in the Federal Free or Reduced Price School Lunch Program. Click here for eligibility requirements.

Our school day begins with convocation at 7:25am.  Before 4:20pm, our students have been challenged in their academic classes, taken a snack break, exercised in P.E., had lunch, enjoyed a class from one of our Centers of Excellence (music, art, or chess), and gotten homework help/tutoring in their Academic Support session. At 4:20pm, students participate in various enrichments. Enrichments, a required part of the school day, vary depending on the day of the week. Some days an entire class will have the same enrichment, but on other days, students, will attend enrichments of their choosing. Enrichments include advanced art, theater, gardening, bucket drumming, Japanese, chess, robotics, health, yoga, and karate just to name a few. 


Saturday field trips, scheduled monthly, are unique to each grade level. The 5th grade takes a field trip on the first Saturday of the month followed by the 6th grade on the second Saturday of the month, etc. Field Trip destinations include The Tampa Bay History Center, The Tampa Museum of Art, The Florida Holocaust Museum, live stage productions, and even adventure outings with local Sierra Club.  Field trips provide our students further outlets of exploration and learning.  (Note:  all admission fees to museums and the like are fully paid for by us.)


Our Graduate Support Services program follows our kids from 8th grade graduation through college.  Our highest performing graduates are placed in some of the area’s most prestigious high schools and elite out of state boarding schools – with full scholarships. To learn more about our Graduate Support Services program and see where our exceptional students have gone on to high school and college click here.   We do everything possible to ensure that all of our graduates continue to strive in high school, through college, and into their careers.

We are proud that our Academy Prep graduates are academically strong, socially poised, and confident in their abilities and God-given talents.

I know this is much to digest, but if you think of something that I have not covered, please call me.  I love to talk about Academy Prep!

All the best,

Luly A. Socias
Admissions and Scholarship Coordinator