Enrichment Programs

Academy Prep is all about preparing children to succeed. Every element of the Academy Prep experience is focused on this principle. Since the results of the past 17 years demonstrate that hard work, personal responsibility, and education are the keys to breaking the cycle of poverty for Academy Prep’s students and their families, the school makes a promise to create those unique opportunities for learning that transform lives and build strong character. The Academy Prep promise is the framework on which students realize their dreams. Students understand that if they commit to working hard and maintaining high scholastic and social achievement, Academy Prep will help them develop those personal qualities that enable them to successfully attend an outstanding prep school and college. This promise is central to our mission.

At the core of our school’s promise is the intensive, college prep academic program. But to be successful, students must also be involved in a wide range of other activities that focus on building personal skills and talents. Through our Enrichment Program, students gain the self confidence, self reliance, and personal identity that, coupled with their academic skills, motivate them to apply to private and boarding high schools and give them the confidence to be successful. Academy Prep students participate in many different enrichment programs. These programs include:

- Acting
- Advanced Art
- Arts and CraftsSONY DSC
- Bowling
- Band
- Bucket Drumming
- Chess
- Choir
- Cooking
- Dance – ballroom and modern
- Debate
- Dancing with the StarsGardening_042313 (2)
- Design and Drawing
- Drama – improvisational
- Gardening
- Golf
- Intramurals – basketball, soccer, flag football, volleyball
- Robotics
- Sculpture
- Sewing
- Social Skills
- Spanish Club
- Yoga
- Italian Club
- Digital Newspaper
- Musical Theater